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9. Angela Ferraro-Fanning - Axe and Root Homestead

In this episode of Homestead Stories, I'm had the opportunity to talk with Angela Ferraro-Fanning from the Axe & Root Homestead. This homesteader has successfully transitioned from being caught up with the rapidly-paced life as a graphic designer and moved into living life at the speed of nature. She has recently released her cookbook and the children's series about homesteading; Little Homesteaders.

On her small New Jersey six-acre farm established in 1775, Angela and her husband are raising their family in a symbiotic relationship between their farming techniques and the animals that live on their farm, which includes her smallest residents, the honeybees, to her largest, the Clydesdales.

I wanted to add one additional item, Angela is starting a new podcast; look for HOMESTEADucation on Apple Podcasts.

Angela may be found through these platforms:

Website: axeandroothomestead
YouTube: axeandroothomestead
Instagram: axeandroothomestead

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